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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Only in Indiana

and well, maybe California too if you are Zsa Zsa's husband

Couple accused of having car sex near day care
By Vic Ryckaert

Police arrested a man and woman after an officer said he found them having sex in a car parked next to an Eastside day care. Claudia Daniels, who runs Cookies Child Care in the 900 block of Bosart Avenue, said she was gathering a hose and sprinkler for the kids to play in at 3 p.m. Tuesday when she spotted the couple in a 1988 Oldsmobile.

“I got closer, and all of a sudden legs were coming out of one window, arms out of another and buck-naked people were in there doing their business,” said Daniels.“I should have thought faster and turned the hose on, but you never know what else people might have in there.”Daniels said she went inside and called police, The couple was still in the front passenger seat when Officer Eli McAllister arrived.“I stood there for approximately two minutes, and they were so engrossed in their recreational activity that they did not notice me,” McAllister wrote in his police report.McAllister eventually spoke and the man sat up and began to apologize, according to the report.“He was extremely embarrassed and was sorry for doing what he was doing,” McAllister wrote. “The female, however, just laid there.”

Nicholas Declouette, 43, Plainfield, and Shawn Ayers, 31, Indianapolis, were arrested on preliminary charges of public indecency. Ayers faces an additional charge of public intoxication.


Tara Marie said...

lol!!! Man I live in a boring place!

Penny L. Richards said...

Yup, California too. My daughter attended a parent co-op preschool housed at a church. One morning, a parent member (NOT ME) arrived early to begin setting up, and found a pair of teenagers at it on a short set of steps in our play area. They looked dazed--it was early in the morning, probably before school for them--but the mom apparently just scolded them, "get out of here, what are you thinking? don't come back" etc. etc.