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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger Awards.....

Ah, I am a girl again! (Remember Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her?)...ok maybe not.
But aparently a few gals thought of me as a girl!

I was awarded two Rockin' Girl Blogger Awards

The first was from Nicole, who chose me because

"Jan at Mauzy's Musings because she is smart and funny and hosts great irl's for her online friends. Plus Tarenne is going to marry her son Nash, so I have to be nice to her."

The second from one of the most amazing moms I know, Tammy, Parker's mommy, who said
"My friend Jan who is Mom to Nash and blogs at Mauzy’s Musings. Jan is funny, intelligent and one of the best advocates for those born with Down syndrome that I have ever known. She and Nash are showing the world the value, potential and pure and total joy that comes with an extra chromosome. I hope one day Parker and I can walk in their footsteps. "

Ah, the accolades....the fan fare. hee hee

So, now on to others I love...

Steph at til my head falls off.....congrats by the way! Always love her wit, confusion at the world, and love for her child.

Emily at Loving and Amazing...because I know she loves attention too! Also she has a droopy eye like me, so we are like, twins.

Many more, but I am tired...heading for my novel and the couch....

Because I am, of course, tired from being the Rockin' Girl Blogger.


mum2brady said...

Congratulations Jan - and I have to agree with Nic and Tammy - you are one Rockin' Girl!!!!

WTG :)

p.s. hope you enjoyed that novel ;)