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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We have a new pet - Bat Boy

June 2007 090

I went outside yesterday morning to let Seger out, and saw something "swimming" in the hot tub. It was a bat! It was beating its wings 1000 miles an hour trying to stay afloat. Since daylight in Indiana is about 5:30 am I assume the bat was in the hot tub at least 4 hrs minimnum when I saw him at 7 am (ok, who knows....) Being the country gal that I am (that also hates anything resembling a mouse) I took Nash's bug net and fished the bat out, and placed it on the deck railing. It crawled from the railing to the deck chair, and draped itself on the chair. Dredging up my "bat lore" I thought I remembered that bats die in the sunlight....or was that my brother's wacko tale reincarnating Dracula...or maybe from Nash's beloved Munsters? So I then got the bug net and took the bat from the back of the chair, and placed it in the brush beside the deck so it could get out of the sunlight.

Here is where I found it the next morning....sound asleep....
June 2007 091
and yes, it is now gone, so maybe Bat Boy did make it.


~Melissa~ said...

What a surprise that would be! He looks kind of cool though - hopefully he made it!

Jessica said...

Ewwwww... I would have totally freaked out! I am scared to death of bats!

Laura Q said...

Oh. My. God. I would HAVE to buy a new hot tub! You are certainly braver than I.

The other day I went to the beach by myself (ran away from home for a couple of hours) Brought home some seashells like always. As I'm rinsing them in the sink full of soapy water and showing Kelsey and Mackenzie the pretty shells, one of them started moving.......I brought home a freaking clam! Thank goodness Mark was here to save the day and discard the "shell"! For a tough chick, I'm really wimpy!

PS - to answer your question from the other day, I work for a medical supply company in the Purchasing Dept.

Sara said...


Mauzy said...

You know, I really freaked out too, BAT POOP IN THE HOT TUB! So it was drained, BUT, the animal rescue person in me took over and there. you. go.

BTW Laura, one of my mottos is "if you eat them, don't be scared of them". When are you coming back to Hoosier land; October for the Buddy Walk? Wanna room?