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Gifts : Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives

The Gifts Outreach program provides complimentary copies of Gifts to organizations which serve parents facing a new diagnosis of Down syndrome for their child, either prenatally or postnatally. We believe that the stories in the book provide a vital companionship and support for such parents.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

GIFTS feedback

I haven't shared much I have gotten in the form of feedback from the GIFTS book on my site. Most is here....

But personally I have received some emails and even a phone call as a result of my chapter in GIFTS. I wanted to share one email from this week. I am so thankful GIFTS is doing its intended work!

Hi, Jan -
My husband and I live in Fort Worth, Texas, and have two children. (name deleted)
(our little guy with Down syndrome) will be 3 this summer and (name deleted) is 8
months old. A few weeks ago a friend gave us a copy of Gifts. As I thumbed
through it adoring all the pictures in there, I have to admit that Nash's
stuck out to me the most - so cute! I began scanning your entry and noticed
the connections... I attended IU in Bloomington and most of my immediate
family still lives in the Indianapolis area. I checked out your website and
enjoyed seeing all the pictures of Nash and all the work you and your
husband do with the IDSF and other groups. Thanks for sharing your story.
Name deleted

thank you for your emails.......


Amy said...

That's wonderful.

Nicole said...

Haven't visited in awhile. :) Not here anyhow. I love Nash's self portraits and the slide looks way too cool! :) LOVE YOU!
Can't wait to see you.....soon!

AZ Chapmen said...

congrats on the feedback don't forget to vist

mum2brady said...

Wonderful Jan :) I think Gifts is going to be an amazing resource for parents of children w/ds :)

And - Nash is just adorable - and a great self-advocate :) I can't wait to see what he tells people about ds when he grows up :)

By then - hopefully there will be a Gifts book written by our kids :)