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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ok, I've been tagged.....

a LONG time ago by a few, and now I am responding to Nicole's tag

As you all know once you are tagged you are supposed to blog 7 things about yourself and then tag 7 more ....well, everyone I know has been tagged! So I will just blog 7 things..

1. I sold my Harley on ebay after Nash was born and really want to ride again soon but am scared to death that I will get hit by a car and Nash won't have a mom so I don't.

2. I was in a case aired as the first Court TV case on TV, as a prototype. I kept worrying that the camera would catch me picking boogers or something so when the attorneys said that the camera didn't affect their case they were LYING.

3. I never thought it would be an issue to get pregnant and have children...ha! 4 miscarriages and one child with Ds later, how wrong was I?? But I hit the jackpot with our one!

4. I used to show hunter/jumper horses until I was 23 and long to ride again along with Nash.

5. I think I am married to the best husband and father anyone could ask for!

6. I wish we had extended family like the ones that I envisioned when I was all gather on weekends to grill out, play horse shoes, hang out, and all get along? LOL

7. I was always scared of not being "perfect" and now, I relish in the everyday of NOT perfect!


BStrong said...

Very honest, thank you for sharing. As for the Harley, how could you do that? Go out there and get another. If god wants ya, he'll take you wether you're riding a Harley or baking cookies.

My biggest mistake was not buying a bike before kids. Now that I have them Robin won't let me get one. I have a lot of convincing to do.

Sara said...

Wow you had a Harley ? Mike did the same thing, almost a yr after Nathaniel was born he sold it, now he wants ANOTHER ONE :P BTW I love the b&w pic of the boys fishing!

Belovedlife said...

You used to ride horses and show TOO! I rode for the PITT equestrian team for a few years, english style, and I started jumping. Then I had knee surgery and that kinda went out the window...I long to get back up in the saddle again. I really miss it.
I signed PEanut up for riding for the has a two -three year wit list. She should be getting a call soon, I hope!
Small world...we should get together and go riding..

Nicole said...

You are perfect! Harley ridin', best Mommy in the world. You rock girlfriend!