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Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy 50TH birthday Mike!!

Before when Mike was a young man

Now as a Senior Citizen....AARP member

My brother, Mike, turns 50 today. And he shaved off his mustache he has had dad did the same thing when he turned 50. I remember it well; I came downstairs went to hug dad happy birthday, and started bawling my eyes out!! He looked so OLD! I had NEVER seen my dad without a mustache.

But Mike you look great! Happy 50th!! (even though you used to pin me down and spit on my face!)

edited..10 pm Indianapolis time..Mike has not surfaced....keep those emails coming!

edited....11pm Indianapolis time

Mike went to work and got his emails...he is not pleased...keep them coming...

His comment via email to me- THANK YOU JAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have gotten like FIFTY EMAILS from people I have no idea about all harrassing me about my age and CLEAN FACE!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

I came to work to get into my eamil for a moment and saw like 60 emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my gosh....

Jan's comment: did you notice that mustache is actually "must ache"?

4/24/07 update: Mike says "OH...THEY ARE STILL COMING!!!!!!!!!!!

27 more TODAY...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Update! Directly from the 50 year old himself!
Okay...okay..they are still coming!!

It would be great to be able to say 'thanks' people...but there is no time to answer some 75 emails!!!!!!!!
So...maybe Jan can post something I write on your blog?

From Mike Steck to all well-wishers...

"Okay, Okay...THANK YOU ALL for receiving some 75 emails!! My sister Jan is only now beginning to get me back for Y-E-A-R-S of brother-to-sister 'tortures' over the years...and this was one I had no control over for sure! Here I am reading email after email because I am not sure if something is from someone I may know....and my once pristine and uncluttered mailbox is now a nighmare of electronic literature woven into an ongoing novel forcing me to face this birthday. But its okay...its okay. You ALL have helped me get through this without going into debt with therapy or spiced rum purchases.

So now I can look at all that I do have....all that is so positive about right now in my are my top 5 that everyones emails have helped me realize...

*I am better at my guitar playing than ever before
*I have a 13-year old son that simply amazes me each day as I watch him become his own person
*I have had enough journey's to begin to write a couple of books
*I am in better shape than in my 20's

and my most favorite thing that thrills me about being at this stage of life and looking ahead???

(Oh...I cannot wait )

Jan note: that would be 3.5 years

Mike and his son Ian at Christmas


Kei said...

You are too funny! I sent an email out to him, LMAO.
You are too cruel Jan, glad I'm your friend and not a sibling! ;-)

Can't wait to hear what he has to say after his blast of emails!

Kei said...

hahahahaha!!!! Only 60 emails so far?

Tara Marie said...

Happy Birthday!!!! He looks a bit like Tom Selleck with the 'stash on!

I am the only one who has ever seen my Dad with out a beard and mustach, and I was only a year old when he grew it and he has never shaven it off since [he turned 65 this year]

I hope your brother had fun with your Birthday 'punked' idea.

mum2brady said...

Hee hee - that is too funny Jan :) Hope he had a great birthday!

Jeff said...

Well my dear, you created havoc for your dear brothers 50th. Just remember pay backs are a bitch.

Your Hubby

Kei said...

Jan, Jeff is right... Pay back is... but also remember this:
"Revenge is a dish best served cold"

I think Mike's gonna pay you back when you least expect it. ;)

Shannon said...

That was great fun! But in all actuality, I think Mike looks better without the mustache! He really does look good for 50, too! I hope he had a great 50th and I hope you had a great time with your prank because I did!

Mauzy said...

thank you all that participated, and if you just stumbled upon this fun....please, send an email to Mike.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. This was a wonderful birthday prank. I didn't email, but I certainl enjoyed reading about this on T21 and now here.

3.5 years is a long way away.