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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nothing better than a best friend

when you are sick....

Nash has had such perfect health since Xmas when he had his tonsils out. He wasn't sick because of strep before, but with two classes of 20 kids each (one at his Kindergarten at his regular school which is 1/2 day and the other at Goddard Kindergarten afterschool) he was exposed to so much he missed about 10 days of school first semester. This semester, zero (well due to health anyway. We had snow days).

This morning he said his tummy hurt, he didn't eat much breakfast then I got "the call" about 10:15 am. He threw up poor baby.

So Seger is comforting him. It looks like Nash is strangling him but he isn't really. Just a love squeeze! Seger had his first puppy class tonight, and he did great! He is now 17 weeks, and 48 lbs. Nash is 6 years, 45 inches and 51 lbs!


Jessica said...

Oh Nash! I hope you feel better soon! Segar is such a good friend!

Tara Marie said...

Sending you 'get well vibes' Nash. and Seger looks like the bestest friend in the whole world!

Rebecca said...

I hope Nash is feeling better this afternoon.

mum2brady said...

Awwww - nothin' better than a boy and his dog :) What a cute pic of them laying together Jan!!!

I hope Nash is feeling better soon!!


Mauzy said...

thanks all! Nash was better, but whining and tired today. Then when it was time for bed, he decided he had to throw up again............hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Tammy and Parker said...

I hope everything that needs to come up......came.......and Nash's poor tummy is on the mend!

What a great friend Serger is.

~Melissa~ said...

Poor Nash - I'm sorry he's sick (and still is from your above post). The pictures of him with Seger are so sweet!

Mauzy said...

Tuesday update......5 days later. He stopped throwing up finally! This has been the most difficult ever in the history of stomach flu!!!