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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Beyond the Diagnosis

WTHR Channel 13 Indianapolis is currently running a three part series featuring............Down syndrome! The beautiful and talented anchor Andrea Morehead (who is visibly pregnant now, and of the wonderful age of 44) is presenting this series titled "Beyond the Diagnosis". As it is explained on the Channel 13 website: In this three-part series, Andrea Morehead talks to families with children wtih Down syndrome about the challenges they face as they try to change people's perceptions.

Beyond the Diagnosis - Part One - Meet Lilly Roush and her parents, Liz and Matt. They talk candidly about the prognosis at birth, the medical challenges along the way and how their unwavering love gives them hope that Lilly will achieve goals beyond their dreams.

Beyond the Diagnosis - Part Two - In Part Two of Beyond the Diagnosis, Andrea Morehead brings you the story of LaDonna Baker, who in her mid-forties was told about the Down Syndrome prognosis in her third month of pregnancy. She speaks candidly about how she found out. Her son, Aaron, has faced medical challenges since he was born and is currently at Riley Hospital for Children. LaDonna says she wouldn't change a thing. Andrea also will explore the controversy surrounding genetic testing and counseling for all pregnant women, regardless of age. You'll also meet a woman who is a national spokesperson for Down Syndrome and offers hope for families.

Beyond the Diagnosis - Part Three
- Katie Cortelyou is breaking down barriers every day. As a person with Down Syndrome who works at a local hospital, she touches lives all the time and challenges people's perceptions about what people with Down syndrome people can accomplish. She also gives hope to parents of children with Down Syndrome by volunteering at a local clinic. (edited to person first language)

Andrea and I have emailed and I provided the GIFTS information as well as the DADS, and IDSF. I told her congratulations on her pregnancy! But I didn't ask the real question I wanted to its wait and see.........


sprice said...

That is so awesome! I wish I could see video of it on the WTHR website.
I hope my parents are watching.
We see Dr. Escobar, too! In fact, we'll be seeing him next month and I can't wait for him to see how well Jude is walking--he would hardly even bare weight when we were there in October.
Thanks for sharing this!

FamilySnows said...

Jan, this is exciting. Thanks for bringing this series to our attention - I love it!

~Melissa~ said...

Thank you Jan - I was hoping they'd have the video so that we can show our family! I'm so glad Dr. Escobar was on it - I really like him.

Shelley said...

That is great - I'd love to be able to see this series.