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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Well I go back to work tomorrow, and I am exhausted.

Nash has been getting worse, not better, since his tonsillectomy 9 days ago. Not one night has he slept through. Last night was the worst, up most the night, and crying. Now add a cold to the mix, and that he has quit eating. sigh. I really didn't think this would be that bad. I wish we could have had the microdebrider method done, but it wasn't. I just feel so sorry for our little guy!

So back to work tomorrow, with Mr. Mom staying with Nash. I need a vacation.


Anonymous said...

I am sad to hear Nash isn't feeling better yet. Wow, it has been a long period of time for recovery from his surgery. I hope he feels better soon.


Jessica said...

Awwww, poor little guy! Nash I hope you feel better soon!

Tara Marie said...

Awe, Nash, we are so sorry you are still feeling bad. Sending you lots of healing vibes and comfort through the night.

Peace and love, TM

Jen said...

Ick; there's nothing worse than having a sick child, getting no sleep, and having to go to work the next day. I feel for you! I hope Nash gets better soon, for all of your sakes!

Beth said...

Sorry Nash is still under the weather. Hope he is feeling better soon and you, Jeff and Nash can get some much needed zzzzz's!