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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Prayers for my Father In Law...............

My father-in-law Gordon has been battling congestive heart failure, arrhythmia and kidney issues (he only has one kidney) for some time, and is now at an Indianapolis hospital. He is undergoing a procedure tomorrow to insert a defibrillator, and I think it is the same one my dad had inserted before it was FDA approved in 2001. Unfortunately and with great sadness, my dad passed away soon after. It's the INSYNC biventricular pacing system. I will know more later this afternoon. I will be taking a Living Will I drafted to the hospital for him to sign.

So prayers please, as this might be the last treatment he can have since his kidney can't handle the heart meds he needs, and his heart can't handle not having the meds.

My mother in and law Gordon have been married over 20 years and she still wants him around for a long time, as do we.

2/1 UPDATE: The procedure was changed as they felt he couldn't tolerate the surgery and he was placed on new medications. A cardio conversion (shock) is scheduled for Friday to see if this might help his arrhythmia. Prayers continued please....


Deb said...

What a struggle...I will keep you in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Thinking positively for of all of you and prayers going out.

Tara Marie said...

Oh Jan and Jeff, I'm so sorry to read this. I will be keeping Gordon in my thoughts and prayers. May this procedure be successful and let me enjoy many more years.

Peace and love, Tara Marie

mum2brady said...

We will keep your FIL in our prayers Jan... I pray this will work and that he will recover quickly and be around for many more years to come. I'm sorry it wasn't a success for your own father.

Hugs and prayers being sent your way.....

Jen said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this...I will be thinking about you guys.

Betsy said...

Jan, I'm sorry to hear that your father-in-law is so ill. We will add him to our prayers.

Please let us know how he is doing.