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Monday, January 15, 2007

Nash and his "new best friend"

Hmm this one looks a little suggestive huh? :)

Yes, Nash and Seger have bonded. Seger follows Nash everywhere, even into the crate...(and no don't arrest me, the door was unlocked!) where they play. Nash called Seger his "new best friend" so I guess "insert one of the 20 kids he says is his best friend here" is out.
They just love hanging out, and now I know why having a 2nd or more child in the family is a good thing (when they get along) as Nash played by himself with Seger for the first time I can recall for over a 1/2 hour in his bedroom on Sunday. Nash was making them (his Build-a Bear and Seger) a "picnic", and Seger was happy to oblige!
Yes there are bites, and growlies, and we are working on "gentle" and "no bites" and "off"...and Seger is listening, most of the time.
Seger is 11 weeks old tomorrow and goes for his second round of shots on Thursday. He has been a dream at Janus- being very obedient, and running down the hall to the front door on occasion which makes everyone laugh. He doesn't have accidents at "work" but we are still working on the potty training at home as he and Nash are very active. Seger is good at crating when necessary, and doesn't whine. At Janus, he even helped an adult with autism relax on this consumer's first day there- providing comfort and companionship.
He sleeps through the night now, and slept in with me this morning until 8am since Nash and I both had MLK day off.........
Nash is breathing so much better at night; slept 12 hours last night, straight!


Jessica said...

Definetly a wonderful best friend to have! I can't wait till we live somewhere that will allow a dog.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that Nash is sleeping well now. Nash has a great best friend, wonderful photos as always.

mom2rhett said...

Jan I love reading about your family. You do a great job with Nash. He is so dang cute!!! Can I link to you on my website?

mom2rhett said...

BTW, the "extra chromosome feet" is our silly way of describing his HUGE gap between his big toe, and the next one.....Did that make sense???? I know you can't see it in the pics, cause they are squished together. I don't know what it is but our whole family loves those feet!

Anonymous said...

Jan, they are so adorable together! They do look like the best of friends.

amy flege said...

sounds like you found the perfect dog!! so glad to hear nash and seger have become best buds. there is nothing more special than the bond of a boy and his dog. they are so loyal to each other!

BStrong said...

Yup Golden Labs are the best. Nash seems to be enjoying.

Mauzy said...

yup, they are tight! They even aggravate each other like siblings!

BStrong- Seger is a golden retriever. We were going to get a lab, but decided to go back to goldens. BTW, adorable new boy you have there!

mum2brady said...

Ohhh - he is sooo cute! Makes me want one - kind of ;) I'm so thrilled to read that the T and A helped Nash so much - yayyyyy!

Kari said...

Oh Jan those pictures are so adorable. We plan to get a dog some day in the FAR future. Looking at these pictures made me want to run out and get one tomorrow. I just know Tristan would love it. When he sees the dog on his signing time he runs up to the TV and tries to tickle it LOL