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Gifts : Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives

The Gifts Outreach program provides complimentary copies of Gifts to organizations which serve parents facing a new diagnosis of Down syndrome for their child, either prenatally or postnatally. We believe that the stories in the book provide a vital companionship and support for such parents.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Introducing Gifts, How Children with Down syndrome Have Enriched Our Lives

Few parents expect or desire to raise a child with Down syndrome. Yet many who travel this path discover rich, unexpected rewards along the way. In this candid and poignant collection of personal stories, sixty-three mothers describe the gifts of respect, strength, delight, perspective, and love which their child with Down syndrome has brought into their lives. Their diverse experiences point to a common truth: the life of a child with Down syndrome is something to celebrate.

63 contributors make up the contents of this book of which I am one. It is edited by hard working Kathryn Lynard Soper who pushed us with deadlines that made it possible to get the finished product out in a timely fashion. The book will be distributed for inclusion in new parent packets, to Ds organizations, OB offices, and anywhere the news should be spread that having a child with Down syndrome isn’t something to be feared, it’s a wonderful secret we want to share.

The book is a softcover, 6x9 book with close to 350 pages. The retail price is $18.99 and should be available on Amazon at the end of October. All proceeds will benefit organizations that support individuals with Down syndrome.
The website is being constructed HERE Make sure you go there and input your email for more updates on the book and to be on the Gifts News email list.

To see the beautiful, inspiring photo montage click here.

Also in the works preparation of materials to send to the Oprah Winfrey show. Part of the materials are a scrapbook of pages made by moms with kids with Ds, and will also be including video montages, a printed copy of Gifts, and a proposal encouraging Oprah to do a show on Ds awareness. The package will be sent at the start of October, to mark the beginning of Ds awareness month.

Make sure you order your copy soon, we are very proud of this!


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering when the book was going to come out! I can't wait to buy it!

Emily Elizabeth said...


I am so excited to see the finished product! I am really, really impressed with Kathryn and her management team and I am just giddy that I was able to participate at all. Kathryn needed to get everything together during Gabe's birth and hospital stay and she really, really made it easy for me. For that I am eternally grateful.

Ohhh...I just can't wait!

Loves to Nash Taters, Big Dawg, and of course for Miss Mauzy herself...

Tammy and Parker said...

I'm so glad to find out that you sent in a contribution to GIFTS too!
I agree with Emily Elizabeth, Kathryn is pretty amazing. And too wonderful for ME, she only lives about 30-40 minutes from us and we're going to 'do lunch.' One of these days.....when things calm down some.......and our schedules mom can tend Parker..... =) oy!

Give Nash a hug from us. We're thinking of you guys!

mum2brady said...

This is going to be such a GREAT addition to our DS reading collection, and sooo helpful for new parents. I love the montage - it's just beautiful!!!