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Monday, July 17, 2006

Nash's Natter

Nash had his post 5th tube surgery 6 mo visit...he's a healthy guy but has had so many tube surgeries. His ASD closed on its own, he has no endocrinology issues, and he takes no meds, never has. He walked at age 18 months, talked early for a child with Ds, and now is a chatter box. He knew his ABC's before age 3, and is sight reading books and carries on conversations now, and when he gets frustrated, makes up his own conversation. Today it was "I want to talk Mom, my turn" and then goes on a rampage of words, at rapid fire pace. In this "conversation" I hear his favorite subjects:

menu items- Toast, eggs, bacon, steak, fish sticks, lemonade, chicken, french fries....on and on

Then we go to music- Wiggles WAKE UP JEFF Play your guitar to Murray, D-O-R-O-T-H-Y and on and on

and then his favorite I LOVE YOU POOPYHEAD!

oh, back to his ENT visit. We are on the elevator heading up to the 7th floor. Nash makes a point to look each person on the elevator in the eye, and shake their hand saying "Good Morning". Then, as one woman says "Well hello dear" to him, and whispers to her friend next to her "They are always so sweet" Nash looks at her as we walk off the elevator and does his own little advocacy......


Gotta love a Tater....


Beth said...

Poopyhead! Hilarious. Wouldn't you love to have been a fly on the wall of that elevator after that???

e-mail me about getting together at the convention!

mum2brady said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! You tell em Nash!!! Wish we were coming to convention so we could meet y'all in real life! Nash always makes me smile :)

Tara Marie said...

lol!! Christine told me about this entry when I was in SLC...and we laughed and laughed about your sweet, silly guy!!! So wish we were going to be meeting up with your tomorrow night...whaaaa....I so wish we could have gone. Have a blast in Atlanta.

Kari said...

Nash is growing into quite the little man. I just love this. Thanks for the smile :)