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Friday, May 05, 2006

We love Chicago!

Nash was born in Naperville outside of Chicago, and we moved back to Indiana when he was 9 months old. I didn't get to "do" Chicago with him, and going back for a few days was fun! Navy Pier, the beach, beautiful flower gardens, and the Lincoln Park Zoo. Pictures.....
Nash and his playgroup friend Naomi from Naperville, now they are 5!

Beautiful gardens full of tulips!
Loving the beach!

My first "solo" merry-go-round ride!


Miss Magic said...

Wow, what awesome pics! Looks like you've mastered you fabulous camera, eh? I'm sure that gorgeous little man will be in Times Square this year!

Best, Carol

Tammy and Parker said...

I love to come and sneak a peek at Nash. It makes me excited for when Parker can get bigger and enjoy the world.......and have the world enjoy him back!

RNP said...

Oh we love Chicago too!!!! The Lincoln Park zoo is the best place to be ever, are the flowers at the botanical next door?

And which beach were you on? Was it Oak Street? Did you take any zoo photos? I would love to see some.

So many questions....sorry, I just truly miss Chicago as well.

mum2brady said...

Wonderful pictures Jan! I especially love the Merry Go Round Picture - it just shows the essence of Nash :) He is such a doll! Glad you had a great time in Chicago!!!

Tara Marie said...

Otto was looking at your blog with me last night and he said "WOW, Nash is getting so big!" and he is,,,,,and quite the handsome lad too. Looks like Chicago was a blast! Miss you all....

Beth said...

I love the first picture of Nash cheesing for the camera with his friend. What a cutie.
Haven't been to the Lincoln Park zoo--sounds like a trip we should make!

Nicole said...

Love my boy! T was asking where he was today. I'll tell her Chicago. lol

Belovedlife said...

What great photos! I'm glad you guys had a good time in Chicago...I've always wanted to go to the windy city...perhaps one day.
Nash looks Great! He is too cute, better keep an eye out for that line of girls....
Have a happy Mother's Day

Mauzy said...

Miss Magic - I am still working on it, and tell your momma that I can't wait to see her speak in Atlanta in July!

Tammy and Parker- Parker is our inspiration!

RNP - No the flowers were in a wonderful gated home at the corner of Erie and State. Beautiful! As for which beach we were on, hmmm could have been the gay beach (not that it matters) because I have no clue, we were the only ones on it! It was right next to Navy Pier....which one do you think?
Yes, I have zoo pictures, and will share if you want but you have to remember it was SPRING AT THE ZOO!! And yes, you could tell, more hopping on others than you can find on the internet!

mum2brady - Nash was so proud that he could go by himself on the merry go round!

Tara Marie- Otto should know about getting big!!

Beth- yes he is the biggest "cheesier"!

Nicole- Tell T Nash doesn't hit anymore ;)

Belovedlife- well if you hit the windy city make sure you come by our home in Indy!!