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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Opening Day Ceremonies!

This morning, well, was TOTAL CHAOS! Our first experience with Little League Baseball, and 1400 kids..............but the most important thing? Nash had fun!
Guess who the sponsor is of Nash's 5 yr old T ball team? Daddy's company!

His team is the MudCats and he and the other 5 year old boys loved seeing Rowdie from the Indianapolis Indians, the music and the fly over by the (insert who the heck they were here) air fighters!

Nash also got to meet another little boy with Tri21, Andrew, who is playing on another team within the same school system. Andrew is a year older than Nash and while we know the parents, we hadn't met Andrew before, nor had Nash met him...
and how cute is this?


Tara Marie said...

Oh, this is beyond is just perfect! Go MudCats and the rest of the teams.

Otto had opening day on Friday and yes, Chaos was seen in New Jersey also!

Beth said...

Beyond cute, indeed!

Wanted to say hello. I've popped by here a couple of times to read about Nash (found you on the Tiptoe through the Tulips webring) and enjoy reading your blog and am a fellow Hoosier and mom to a son with T21.

Annette said...

How I wish I could see Nash play! He is TOOO cute! Ryan is playing soccer this year... it should be interesting.

Mauzy said...

Hi Beth! Nice to "meet" you and will visit your blog! You have two cutie pies there!

TM and Annette- its going to be a fun season for all!

RNP said...

Oh he looks like such a big boy in these photos.

trisomymommy said...

Great picture! Glad to hear he's enjoying it!

Tammy and Parker said...

Way to go! Reed is also a big Sports Dad and already has made space for Parker's trophies....hee,hee

Nash is such a handsome guy. You are very blessed.

Miss Magic said...

Go MudCats!!!! Nash, perhaps you'll be disappointing daddy afterall. Baseball might be your calling --- are you ready to bench football? LOL!

Nicole said...

So cute! I really wish I could see him play. Enjoy it!

mum2brady said...

How fun - can't wait to see more pics of Nash in action! That picture of him with Andrew it too cute :) Gooooooo Mud Cats!!!!