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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Life's Little Triumphs

Having a child is like opening a little gift each day; it bring you joy, wonderment, and yes, sometimes even disappointment. Our son brings such joy and fulfillment to our lives.

Yet, all parents have expectations for their child. Having a child with special needs always means a parent has to alter these expectations a bit. Don't tell this to Nash's daddy, as he is a glass half full type guy - heck he's a glass always full time guy! But that's why we love him to pieces. Mommy on the other hand, tends to see the big picture, and that includes the reality in viewing the delays that having a child with Down syndrome brings. Don't get me wrong, mommy is so proud to pieces of her son! His learning his ABC's and colors before age 3 was amazing! But equally amazing are his "I love you" words, and hugs and cuddles when you least expect them. Those are triumphs!

I did have a couple of huge ideas when Nash was born; milestones that I really, really (I mean really!) wanted Nash to meet. The rolling over, building block, speech and sight reading goals were great, but THESE were big ones; potty training by age 5 (children with Ds are notoriously late in potty training in general - of course like all children, there is no "typical" child with Ds either) and riding a bike by age 5 too. Why did I pick age 5? Probably kindergarten but not really sure; it was just age FIVE.

Nash is 4 1/2, and yes, he is potty trained! We are so, so proud of him, and he is too. He loves to tell us he has to go, then proudly trots off to go by himself, we aren't allowed in the bathroom most times. (If you aren't a parent reading I just won't get how important this is to a parent, and the child!)

The other goal? Well, its here. While I heard he had ridden the trike a school a bit, I hadn't seen it. His 2 wheeler with training wheels at home is too verticle I think, and when it goes off-balance a bit he gets unsteady and gets off. Here is the amazing trike that made all the difference- It's a Schwinn Roadster.

And for video, go here. Just gotta keep your eyes on the road little buddy and watch out for those curbs!

So, you go Nash, create your own goals now, you've satisfied all of mommy's! :)


Tara Marie said...

It is the little triumphs that create the big mosaic of life!

Way to go Nash!!! I treasure the fact that you are a gift to us that your Mommy and Daddy shares with the world. We are so proud of you too!

Big hugs and kisses, from your girl friend Emma Sage and her Mommy!

P.S. Want to hear a dream I have? That the two of you develop your own friendship in the years to come writing letters and meeting in person from time to time....and letting us take a peek at that friendship as it blossoms.

and Emma Sage would love to go for a spin on her bike with you!!! Maybe a bicycle built for two??

BStrong said...

I think fathers in general are always thinking in half full or full glasses. Nash is doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

Naomi said...

Love the video, we're just starting to look for a trike for Callum so I'll keep your comments in mind. How old was Nash when he started potty training?