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Sunday, September 04, 2005

In this trying time- those Birthdays keep on coming

It's difficult in this time of massive chaos, destruction and death in the Gulf to find anything to really celebrate, or want to even try. But with the 3 day holiday, Mauzy's birthday and just needing to let loose a bit, we did our darndest. (yup, its a Hoosier word)

so here is Rudy The Lab singing Happy Birthday

And here Nash and Rudy just being their goofy, boy, what chaos can I get into selves without actually killing each other, yet.........

And the best, Mauzy's exotic birthday flowers from her men.

It's wonderful being 39, again.

Love you guys, and prayers continue for those in the south.


Tara Marie said...

Happy Birthday Mauzy....those flowers are just beautiful and I know exactly what you mean about trying to find joy when so many are struggling.

I am so happy that you had a great 39th [again] Birthday.

BStrong said...

Happy B Day. Those birthdays keep on coming around faster and faster don’t they?

We must keep in mind that we are a country of strength and we will overcome this tragedy and become even stronger.


BStrong said...

Oh, by the way, I noticed that you like equestrian. My wife, belovedlife used to be on the University of Pittsburgh Equestrian team. She misses it a lot. Since we started having kids, she really has had no time to ride.


Mauzy said...

Oh tell your wife that I showed hunter/jumpers for 20 years and miss it so much. Nash did Hippotherapy and is ready for leadline or more. So yes, horses have to be in our future somewhere with Nash/me, just don't want to do the mucking out anymore!

Belovedlife said...

Happy belated Bday! Here's to many more happy healthy amazxing years with your wonderful boys!